Wednesday, April 13, 2016

J.R. Mounts. Everything.

I first met JR Mounts a couple years ago at Marble City Comic Con.  He had a pickle mannequin in a trench coat and a fedora (the mannequin...not JR) and I was I had to talk to him.  Rather than just trying to get me to buy something from him, JR actually talked about art, puns, and the creative process.  Even though I had never met him, JR was treating me like I was one of his biggest fans.  That is one of the things that sets JR apart from so many other vendors that I have met...when people stop by his booth, he is genuine and not just treating the person like another potential sale.  And that is one of the things that makes his books so great - they have that same genuine personality and humor.

Since that first meeting, JR and I have grown to become friends and have gotten together a couple times to work on various projects.  The first time, he joined Daniel, Tim, Jeremy, and myself on Mass Listeria as we discussed our top 5 influences (listen to that episode here).  The next time we got together, we recorded an episode of Saturday Morning Cereal (listen to that here) and then worked on some videos highlighting the artistic process and the ups and downs of what it means to be an artist.  We also got a sneak peak at his newest project, "Stuck in My Head" and were one of the first media outlets to see some of the completed art!  We also recorded a..."crappy"...commercial.  We had a lot of fun making the videos, so hopefully you have just as much fun watching them.

Scairy Tales Noir commercial

"Yuck It Up"

"Full-Time Schtick"

"Stuck in My Head"

"Labor of Love"

"On the Road Again"

"Ducking Around"

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