Friday, April 22, 2016

The Monster Pod ep. 3 - The Babadook

"If it's in a word or it's in a look, you can't get rid of the Babadook." ... and once you know what the Babadook really is, that statement instantly becomes more terrifying!!

So, join me and Lucas as we take an in-depth look into what the Babadook means and why it really is such a terrifying movie!  It should be noted that this is more of an in-depth dissection of the meaning of the film and not necessarily just a "review."  Once we really get into it, there are some major spoilers.  So, if you haven't seen The Babadook yes, go watch it first and then come back to get our take on it.

image by Sylent-Anpu-Phantom

We hope that you enjoy our third episode and that you keep coming back for more.  The Monster Pod - horroring it up since 2015!

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Music for The Monster Pod by Bensound

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Chattanooga Film Festival - 2016

I have always loved watching movies.  Ever since I was a little kid, movies were more for me than just mere entertainment.  When people talk about the "magic" of movies, most people think that they are just talking about the special effects that are used to see things that you wouldn't be able to see in real life.  But for me, the "magic" of movies was something more.  It was how movies were able to draw you in and make you a part of what was happening.  A way to escape the mundane and be a part of something more.  Even bad movies (for which I have an ever-growing appreciation) were filled with their own unique charm.

One of the other reasons that I have always loved movies is because of the community of fellow movie fans.  Unlike other forms of entertainment (books, comics, video games, sporting events, etc.), you would be hard pressed to find someone in industrialized societies who has never seen a movie.  They are universal.  It does not matter if you enjoy history, sports, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, non-fiction...there are movies about it.  Not everyone is going to have the same taste in movies and not everyone with similar tastes is going to have the same opinion about the same movie.  But, no matter how diverse people are, movies are a common thread that can bring everyone together.  And that is exactly what happened at the Chattanooga Film Festival.
Me, Clint Howard, Daniel

A couple weeks ago, I was able to go to the Chattanooga Film Festival with Mass Listeria (thanks again, Daniel and Tim, for bringing me on board...puns and all).  For four days, the Majestic Theater in Chattanooga was filled with movie lovers of all shapes and sizes.  Comedy, horror, drama, documentaries, short films, animated films, independent films...the festival had movies for everyone, regardless of tastes.  Not every film was for everyone.  And some genres might have been more heavily scheduled than others.  But, regardless of taste, there was at least one movie there that everyone would have enjoyed.

I will be posting reviews of each of the movies that I saw, but that is not the purpose of this post.  This is about the overall atmosphere of the festival, because that is one of the things that I think makes the Chattanooga Film Festival so unique.  Regardless of what you think about the south, there is something undeniable about southern charm.  And Chris Dortch and his co-conspirators (of which there are too many too name) put as much love and devotion into creating the Film Fest as your grandmother puts into her home-made biscuits (or chicken 'n dumpling, or strawberry jam...or whatever your grandmother's specialty is).

Chris Dortch talking to the "patron saint"
of CFF, Joe Bob Briggs

It was abundantly clear that the Chattanooga Film Festival is not just about watching's about loving movies.  From the fans, to the press, to the volunteers, to those who had created the was clear that everyone at the Chattanooga Film Festival had a love for movies!  Regardless of how vastly different someone's opinion of a movie was, the differing views were expressed with respect and genuinely wanting to hear what others thought.  I think that this was aided by the fact that the theme of the weekend was "respect cinema."  Respecting cinema doesn't just mean "enjoy the movie."  It meant that you should respect the entire movie-going experience.

Whenever I think of the "experience" of watching a movie, I rarely think of only the movie and nothing else.  I think about the people that I was with.  I think about the emotions that the film elicited.  I think about the conversations and debates that follow the movie.  And based on my experiences at CFF, I do not think that I am alone in that view.  The Chattanooga Film Festival excelled in setting an atmosphere that was built around the love of movies and the love of discussing movies.  Even though some amazing movies were shown, if you ask anyone who attended the Chattanooga Film Festival what they thought, I doubt that the first thing they would talk about would be the actual movies.  It would most likely be the people they met and the fun that they had.  Yes, the people that they met were probably due to the movies they were discussing.  And the fun that was had might be in large part due to how much they enjoyed the movies that they saw.  But when discussing the Chattanooga Film Festival, I have yet to talk to anyone, or read any reviews, where a list of movies was the first and only thing that was discussed.  Even on our two-part episode of the breakdown of movies that we at Mass Listeria watched (found here...go give it a listen!), it was impossible to dive into the movies without first talking about our overall impressions.  Even after watching 16 movies (along with a couple short films and other various events) over the span of four days and feeling like my eyes were going to start bleeding at any minute, I still wasn't ready for the festival to end.  And that, to me, is the magic of movies.

Thankfully, that same environment and love for movies is going to be extended beyond the Chattanooga Film Festival.  Chris Dortch and Mise en Scenesters are also in the process of getting Cine-Rama up and running in downtown Chattanooga, where unique and interesting movies will be shown year-round.  If you are a fan of movies, send your support their way!  And if you are able, I highly recommend that you try to make it to the Chattanooga Film Festival next year.

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mass Listeria presents: The Purge
A couple years ago, my friend's Daniel and Tim started doing a podcast called Mass Listeria where they discuss their "top 5" lists of a plethora of topics.  Last October, they brought me into the group, followed shortly by our friend Jeremy.  Now, the four of us meet just about every week to discuss, rant, rave, and ramble on about our top 5 lists.  They are a great group to work with and we always have a blast recording!  The podcast definitely has a different tone from the rest of the stuff that I do and is very much NSFW due to language and adult content.

Along with our (mostly) weekly podcast, we have also started a little something new.  Inspired by my Star Wars marathon and an idea that Jeremy had, we started The Purge.  Thanks to Netflix, more and more people have started binge-watching episodes of shows.  We decided to go a little step further and binge-watch movies, immediately followed by a podcast where we "purge" our thoughts/reactions to the series.  The series might be an actual series (like my Star Wars marathon), or it might just be a series/grouping/selection of films with a theme or common element.  So far, we have done a Purge for The Punisher and the Ghoulies series, but we have plenty more planned for the future!  So, if you are a fan of movies and/or binge-watching, give us a listen!  (The Purge also contains adult language and it's a bit NSFW as well).  If you like what you hear, be sure to follow Mass Listeria on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and iTunes (or whatever your preferred method is for listening to podcasts).

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Untapped Geekery - collector profile: Brett Black (trailer)

Along with all of the other projects that I am working on, I have something new in the works.... Untapped Geekery - where I will be tapping into geek culture and sharing the splendor with all of you!  Up first is a collector profile of Brett Black, who was captivated by Star Wars at a very early age and as he grew, that fascination developed into the largest Star Wars collection in Tennessee...possibly one of the largest in the United States.  My friend Joe and I went to Knoxville to get an in-depth look at Brett's massive collection and to peer into the mind of a collector.  I am still working on putting together the full video.  But, for now, here is a preview of things to come:

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Star Wars marathon and The Force Awakens

A few months ago, in a theater miles, miles away...

A friend and I made the trek to Knoxville for the Star Wars marathon leading up to The Force Awakens.  I was in for a day full of Star Wars.  Seven films in a row with only about 10-15 minutes between showings (just long enough to refill our popcorn bucket, top off our soda, and use the restroom).  We got to the theater at around 3:30am and didn't leave until around 10:00pm.  16+ hours sitting in a theater with the same group of people (some of whom I assume skipped their morning shower to make sure they got there on time).  I suffered through the prequels, riffing via Twitter to help stay awake.  I relished in the joy and nostalgia of the original trilogy (except for the revised parts...Han shoots first!).  Then, finally, The Force Awakens!  From beginning to end, I absolutely loved it!  On the way home, my friend and I talked about the parts we loved most and the parts that we thought could have been handled differently.  But, overall, it brought the same sense of fun and excitement as when we watched the original trilogy.  The movie was by no means perfect, but Star Wars was real again!

Prior to watching The Force Awakens, I had purposely been avoiding spoilers, rumors, or even detailed breakdowns of the trailers.  I wanted to go into episode VII with only the knowledge of the previous movies.  And I think that my enjoyment of the movie was due in large part to the fact that I did not allow myself to get overly hyped.  I have been watching movies for 20+ years and whenever there is excessive hype, the movie rarely lives up to the expectations.  Knowing the impact that expectations has on movies, I avoided most media coverage leading up to the move.  But, following the movie, I was curious what other people thought, so I started reading most of the reviews as they trickled out.

While there were some reviews that glorified the return of Star Wars, most of the reviews that I saw were along the lines of "top reasons that The Force Awakens was disappointing" or "unforgivable mistakes in The Force Awakens."  Really??  "Disappointing?"  "Unforgivable?"  As a film critic, I absolutely understand that we must look at things with a critical eye.  And many of the points that were presented were valid points.  There were plenty of things about The Force Awakens that, when I got past the adrenaline and excitement, I started to question and started to say "well, yeah, I do wish that they had done a little more with..."  However, the more and more that I read the critiques of The Force Awakens, the more I found myself saying "oh, come on guys...that was one hell of a fun movie!!  Who cares if it wasn't perfect?!!?  It was Star Wars and it was awesome!"

There is no question that The Force Awakens was infinitely better than the prequels.  And, even with as bad as the prequels were, you will still find people who love them.  Not because they were necessarily good, but because of the emotion and sense of wonder that the Star Wars universe elicits.  Sure, the prequels can be painful to watch.  But, if you look at the original trilogy with a critical eye, they are pretty bad too.  But, I don't love the original trilogy for the cinematic elements or for the originality (much of what George Lucas did was "inspired," i.e. stolen, from other films/ideas)...I love it for the nostalgia.  Who didn't grow up wanting to be a Jedi?  Who didn't want to fly around space in the Millennium Falcon?  Who didn't want their own personal R2D2 following them around everywhere?  I fully acknowledge that the original trilogies are not necessarily great films.  But, you will never convince me to not like them.

Movies are supposed to be an escape.  A way to slip into fantasy and experience things that you will never experience in your own life.  I am certainly guilty of being overly critical of some movies.  But, despite all of my criticisms, I still always split whether or not I liked the movie from the actual quality of the movie.  So, for all of the articles out there talking about all of the things that The Force Awakens got wrong, I have a few things to say.  First...who cares?!!?  The movie was a hell of a lot of fun to watch!  Second, if the movie had addressed all of the things that these articles say it should have addressed, it would have been at least a four hour movie.  If that had happened, all of the articles would be saying that it was too long and that too much time was spent focusing on side details rather than focusing on the main characters.  Finally, I have rebuttals to many of the critiques.  I am not saying that these will fix everything.  And I am in no way claiming to be a Star Wars expert.  I'm not even saying that I necessarily disagree with the comments.  These are merely my "yes, but..." reaction to many of the complaints that I have seen put forth.  In case you haven't seen The Force Awakens yet, major spoilers below!!

Rey and Finn fight Kylo Ren too easily.
Yes, but....Kylo Ren had just been shot with Chewie's bowcaster (which, the entire movie had been throwing storm troopers 20 feet...give or take).  Also, Kylo Ren had just killed his father.  Sure, he was already heavily seduced by the dark side.  But, one of the main points of the movie is that Kylo Ren was struggling with the pull towards the light.  In fact, right before he kills Han, Kylo tells Han that the struggle is tearing him up inside.  Even though Kylo ultimately makes the decision to kill his father, it is still a very emotionally draining experience.  Previous Star Wars movies have established that, even though emotions might make the force stronger, they also make it more unstable.  Think about how erratic Anakin was when he was fighting Obi-Wan at the end of Revenge of the Sith.  Think about how impulsive Luke was when he was fighting Vader at the end of Return of the Jedi.  So, during the final lightsaber battle, Kylo Ren was fighting with a damaged body and a clouded mind.  As far as Rey not having any Jedi is that any different from Obi-Wan telling Luke to "use the force" to hit the exhaust port on target on the Death Star?  At that point in A New Hope, Luke had essentially no training in the ways of the force.

The Force Awakens basically repeats the same story as the original trilogy.
Yes, but...that is one of the biggest things that Lucas got wrong in his prequels.  Rather than telling a story with familiar themes to tie into the tone of the original trilogy, Lucas relied too heavily on characters to force a sense of familiarity (for example, Anakin building C3P0).  The Force Awakens might follow the original trilogy a little too closely for some critics...but it is the tried and true story of a hero's journey.  There is nothing new under the sun.  But, The Force Awakens managed to tell the story in a fun and exciting way!

The New Republic is destroyed too quickly.
Yes, did Alderaan.  We never get to know anything about Alderaan beyond Leia's plea to not destroy it.  Also, in A New Hope, the disbanding of the Galactic Empire (the Empire that the entire prequel trilogy was setting up) was given barely more than just a line in passing.  That does not necessarily mean that it was not annoying in A New Hope and that it is not annoying in The Force Awakens...but it is at least consistent with the pacing and consistent with the focus being on the protagonist, not on a distant governing body.  From what I have seen, there were additional scenes that gave more insight into the New Republic, but they were eventually cut.  While I would definitely love to see those scenes to have a more comprehensive view of the current state of the Star Wars universe, I am not too upset that those scenes were cut.  If they had been left in, it either would have slowed down the pacing too much and felt entirely out of place, or there would have had to be even more scenes tying them into the main characters that we are following.

Luke is only on screen for a short period of time with no dialogue.
Yes, but...if he had been introduced earlier, then it would have only made sense for Luke to go with Han to try to stop Kylo Ren.  This would not have allowed for any character development of Finn or Rey.  Also, if Luke had been introduced earlier, there are too many things that would have needed resolved (such as addressing his sense of failure for Kylo turning to the dark side).  While I do eagerly anticipate seeing Luke train Rey, I am glad that it will be in the next movie (hopefully a large portion of it...much like Luke and Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back), rather than trying to force it into The Force Awakens.

Han and Luke will never be together again.
Yes, but...ok...this one does suck.  I keep hoping that Han had some force in him too (which is why he was so inherently good at so many things that he did in the original trilogy) and that he will be able to return as a force ghost.  Or, that he is still alive and was brought onto the ship with Kylo so that Snoke can try to use Han to find and destroy Luke.  If Han is gone forever, then that does undoubtedly suck.  But, at least his death will have served the same purpose as the deaths of Quai Gon and Obi-Wan...the old man spurring the new Jedi into discovering their strength in the force.

There was too much setup for episode VIII.
Yes, but...not so much that The Force Awakens cannot be enjoyed on its own.  Sure, there are a lot of questions that are still unanswered.  But, that just builds anticipation for episode VIII.  If you are going to do a trilogy, it can be a difficult balance of setting things up to build anticipation for future movies while at the same time having a self-contained movie that can be enjoyed even without the sequels.  Yes, there are a lot of unanswered questions...but I feel like the main pieces are resolved enough to enjoy the movie on its own.  Also, if everything had been answered, The Force Awakens would have either been twice as long, or there would be complaints that there is nothing left for episode VIII to do.

Han and Chewie find the Millennium Falcon too easily.
Yes, but...that is directly addressed with dialogue from Han.  He says that if they were able to find the Falcon so easily, the First Order won't be far behind.  Essentially, Han and Chewie weren't able to track the Falcon because it had been out of commission for so long.  Once it was turned on again, they were able to track it.  Besides, there was all the time spent on Jakku fighting the tie it's not like the Falcon was found 5 seconds after it was fired back up.

Rey is a "Mary Sue."
That does not even deserve a "yes, but..."  How does Han, a lowly smuggler in A New Hope understand Chewie, Greedo, or Jabba?  How does Anakin understand R2D2 in the prequels?  How do any of the characters know how to do any of the things they know how to do?  Calling Rey a "Mary Sue" is just your sexism showing.  Just because she is intelligent, skilled, and intuitive does not make her a "Mary Sue."  For more on why the "Mary Sue" argument is ridiculous, check out the io9 article here.

Starkiller base was too easy to destroy.
Ummm....easy?  Coming out of lightspeed in the planet's atmosphere is easy?  If the Death Star had a fatal flaw in the exhaust port, surely something exponentially bigger is going to have an exponentially bigger flaw...which was protected with the shield generators...which would not have been able to be brought down were it not for Han coming out of lightspeed in the planet's atmosphere.  But sure...that was easy...

Finn resists the First Order Stormtrooper brainwashing.
Yes, but...obviously he has some link with the force.  If that is in fact true, then that's an easy explanation.  If Finn does not have any connection with the force,'ve got some 'splaining to do.

Leia is underutilized.
Yes, but....ok...this one does suck too.  She is not the focus of the plot, so her scenes might not have had as much direct impact on the development of the central characters (Rey and Finn).  But does suck that she didn't have a larger role and that her scenes with Han were not more emotionally fueled.  But, in the original trilogy, most of Han and Leia's interactions were built on dry, snippy remarks.  That was their defense mechanism for hiding their feelings in the original trilogy, so it makes sense that they would use the same defense mechanism to hide their pain.

The force is lacking.
Yes,'s the force awakens...not "the force jumps out of bed ready and rearing to go!"  The force is only awakening.  It is a process.  If it had jumped in too heavily, there would be people saying there wasn't enough buildup in bringing back the force.  Give it some time.  Let the force have its morning coffee before taking on the dark side.

Captain Phasma is drastically underutilized.
Yes, but...she is essentially the Boba Fett (or Darth Maul, or General Grievous) of this movie.  Yes, some of those characters received more screen time in their respective movies.  But, they were there as a plot device for a secondary character to have a primary antagonist.  Phasma is Finn's antagonist.  I highly doubt that she is dead and I fully expect the two of them to have more encounters, each with growing intensity.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all of the grievances that other film critics have had.  A quick Google search will bring up hundreds of reviews with "unforgivable" (or a similar word) in the title to denote how The Force Awakens had failed miserably to live up to expectations.  But, these are some of the most common complaints that I have seen throughout.  My responses might not fully justify all of the perceived shortcomings the movie had.  And I am in no way saying that the movie is perfect.  But, what I am saying is that it was ridiculously fun to watch and people need to remember that movies are here for our entertainment...and when you are overly critical, you ruin your ability to enjoy movies.

Also, as a reminder, I watched The Force Awakens at the end of a Star Wars marathon.  I was in the theater for 16+ hours.  I stayed awake for seven Star Wars movies in a row, surviving on popcorn, Twizzlers, and soda.  And even after being exhausted and dealing with a room full of body odor and farts...I still loved the hell out of The Force Awakens!!  Not because it was a perfect movie.  Not even because it was a better movie than the original trilogy.  But, because it brought me back into the Star Wars universe with laughter, excitement, and tears. (well..almost tears.  I didn't actually cry when Han died...but was close to it).

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The Missus Creates

Powerpuff versions of Gargyle and the Missus

I'd like to take a minute and say that I love my wife and I think that she is absolutely the best!!  Not only does she put up with my geekery, but sometimes she even joins in!  If you've been following me at all lately, you know that the Missus and I have started doing a podcast, Saturday Morning Cereal, where we invite friends over for cereal, cartoons, and nostalgia-fueled ramblings.  But, that's not all.  Along with the podcast, the Missus has also gotten into crocheting.  She has primarily done hats and scarves (including some Harry Potter themed infinity scarves), but has also done various geek-themed projects such as:

                    "Sherlock" inspired mug rugs (coasters):

                    a Death Star pillow:

                    Tiny Yoda:

                    and Valentine's conversation hearts:

The Missus is currently working on a Doctor Who scarf (fourth Doctor, of course), with plans for more geek themed/inspired projects in the future!

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J.R. Mounts. Everything.

I first met JR Mounts a couple years ago at Marble City Comic Con.  He had a pickle mannequin in a trench coat and a fedora (the mannequin...not JR) and I was I had to talk to him.  Rather than just trying to get me to buy something from him, JR actually talked about art, puns, and the creative process.  Even though I had never met him, JR was treating me like I was one of his biggest fans.  That is one of the things that sets JR apart from so many other vendors that I have met...when people stop by his booth, he is genuine and not just treating the person like another potential sale.  And that is one of the things that makes his books so great - they have that same genuine personality and humor.

Since that first meeting, JR and I have grown to become friends and have gotten together a couple times to work on various projects.  The first time, he joined Daniel, Tim, Jeremy, and myself on Mass Listeria as we discussed our top 5 influences (listen to that episode here).  The next time we got together, we recorded an episode of Saturday Morning Cereal (listen to that here) and then worked on some videos highlighting the artistic process and the ups and downs of what it means to be an artist.  We also got a sneak peak at his newest project, "Stuck in My Head" and were one of the first media outlets to see some of the completed art!  We also recorded a..."crappy"...commercial.  We had a lot of fun making the videos, so hopefully you have just as much fun watching them.

Scairy Tales Noir commercial

"Yuck It Up"

"Full-Time Schtick"

"Stuck in My Head"

"Labor of Love"

"On the Road Again"

"Ducking Around"

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Yama-Con 2015

When I first joined up with my friends at New Monster Project, Yama-Con was the first convention that I attended with them.  Because of that, no matter how many cons I attend, Yama-Con will always have a special place in my heart!

According to their website, Yama-Con is "an organization founded to celebrate everything nerd, geek, and otaku.  [They] operate fully on a volunteer basis to bring our attendees events that are focused around all the entertainment they love, such as anime, manga, comics, video games, and more."  Yama-Con was once again held at the LeConte Center at Pigeon Forge, in Pigeon Forge, TN.  

This was the fourth year that New Monster Project had a presence at Yama-Con, and the third year in a row that I was able to attend.  Unfortunately, not everyone else was able to make it and I wasn't able to get nearly as much footage as we have in the past.  Thankfully, my friends from Mass Listeria Podcast were there to help out and we had a chance to talk to some pretty awesome guests!

New Monster Project - highlights

JR Mounts

Kevin Sharpe (interviewed by Tim, from Mass Listeria)

Haiden Hazard

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Lord of the Rings LCG at The Raven's Nest - 2015

About a year ago, I started playing the Lord of the Rings living card game (LOTR LCG) with some friends and I was instantly hooked!  Back in November, Adam and I went to The Raven's Nest in Marietta, GA to play Murder at the Prancing Pony - the LOTR LCG even by Fantasy Flight Games.  While we were there, we met some great people and played an awesome quest!!  Thank you, Raven's Nest for hosting the event and for allowing us to film.  And a very special thank you to Fantasy Flight Games for continuing to put out such great games!!

Check out The Raven's Nest at  Also, get out there and support your local comic book & gaming store!!  Check out LOTR LCG, and other awesome games from Fantasy Flight Games at

To learn more about LOTR LCG, listen to The Grey Company podcast:

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CONjuration 2015

Back in November, Adam and I went back to Atlanta for CONjuration 2015!  CONjuration is a "fan convention for all things magical" in Atlanta, GA.  Even though this was only the second year of the con, there were amazing costumes, great programming, awesome vendors, and everyone there just seemed to have a blast.  Chris and Angela (the creators of CONjuration) have a tremendous passion for making sure that everyone has the best time they possibly can and they treat everyone who attends as if they are their closest friends and family.  Whether you have been a fan of all things fantasy and magical since you were young, or you have only just recently read your first fantasy book, you will be at home at CONjuration.

Adam and I were not able to spend nearly as much time there as we wanted, but we did manage to pack a ton of footage into a short period of time!  Along with our main video covering our highlights of the weekend, we also put out several full interviews.  There were two other interviews that Adam and I did (with Hogwarts Running Club and County Argyle), but unfortunately the audio messed up and we were not able to put together a video for them.  So, lacking a video, let me take this opportunity to say the following:

If you are a runner (casual, recreational, serious, competitive, etc.), you should definitely check out Hogwarts Running Club.  According to their website, HRC is a "...charitable organization that organizes virtual running events inspired by the wizarding world designed to promote walking/running, provide unique and awesome medals, and, most importantly, raise money for deserving charities in order to accomplish our mission of changing the muggle-world one mile at a time."  Not only is HRC promoting healthy living through exercise, but they are raising money for worthy causes...all through the fun of friendly rivalries between Hogwarts houses.

If you appreciate handmade jewelry, you should definitely check out County Argyle.  According to their website, "for nearly a decade County Argyle has been traveling the southeast, offering the finest in local, handmade and unique accessories.  Our jewelry - all hadmade from vintage silverware and salvaged hardware - can now been seen at festivals and events across the eastern U.S."  Ranging from small, relatively simple pieces to intricate, eclectic pieces, the stuff that County Argyle had at CONjuration was awesome!

If you've not yet had a chance to check out our CONjuration videos, you can find all of them below.  Enjoy!



Draco and the Malfoys

Jonathan French

Hysteria Machines - Persephone Pheonix

Hysteria Machines - Fritz Krieg

John Michael Bond

Ben Herr

KR Morris

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Saturday Morning Cereal - episode 2

Welcome to another episode of Saturday Morning Cereal, presented by Gargyle and the Missus, where we eat cereal while watching cartoons...just like when we were kids!  Joining us again in our nostalgia fueled ramblings are Daniel and Tim, from Mass Listeria, and special guests Chris Goins and JR Mounts!!

In this episode, we watch "Chariots of Fur," a Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote cartoon.  So, grab a bowl of cereal, queue up your cartoons, and take a break to remember what it was like to be a carefree kid.

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

catching up on posts...

For the past few months, I have been taking on more and more projects.  Along with actual work, I've been attending cons, watching movie marathons, working on video projects, recording know, just generally enjoying being a geek.  If you've been following me on Twitter or Facebook, you are probably caught up with (most of) the stuff that I have been working on.  However, it's been a while since I've actually sat down to write up posts on here.  So, I figured it was about time that I get caught up on my geek coverage.  Over the next few days, I will be posting podcasts, videos, random musing, and reviews, culminating in my most recent venture...reviewing the Chattanooga Film Festival.  

So, if you enjoy movies, conventions, comics, games, cartoons, Star Wars, or just about anything sure to check back soon for all things geekery!!

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