Tuesday, April 12, 2016

CONjuration 2015

Back in November, Adam and I went back to Atlanta for CONjuration 2015!  CONjuration is a "fan convention for all things magical" in Atlanta, GA.  Even though this was only the second year of the con, there were amazing costumes, great programming, awesome vendors, and everyone there just seemed to have a blast.  Chris and Angela (the creators of CONjuration) have a tremendous passion for making sure that everyone has the best time they possibly can and they treat everyone who attends as if they are their closest friends and family.  Whether you have been a fan of all things fantasy and magical since you were young, or you have only just recently read your first fantasy book, you will be at home at CONjuration.

Adam and I were not able to spend nearly as much time there as we wanted, but we did manage to pack a ton of footage into a short period of time!  Along with our main video covering our highlights of the weekend, we also put out several full interviews.  There were two other interviews that Adam and I did (with Hogwarts Running Club and County Argyle), but unfortunately the audio messed up and we were not able to put together a video for them.  So, lacking a video, let me take this opportunity to say the following:

If you are a runner (casual, recreational, serious, competitive, etc.), you should definitely check out Hogwarts Running Club.  According to their website, HRC is a "...charitable organization that organizes virtual running events inspired by the wizarding world designed to promote walking/running, provide unique and awesome medals, and, most importantly, raise money for deserving charities in order to accomplish our mission of changing the muggle-world one mile at a time."  Not only is HRC promoting healthy living through exercise, but they are raising money for worthy causes...all through the fun of friendly rivalries between Hogwarts houses.

If you appreciate handmade jewelry, you should definitely check out County Argyle.  According to their website, "for nearly a decade County Argyle has been traveling the southeast, offering the finest in local, handmade and unique accessories.  Our jewelry - all hadmade from vintage silverware and salvaged hardware - can now been seen at festivals and events across the eastern U.S."  Ranging from small, relatively simple pieces to intricate, eclectic pieces, the stuff that County Argyle had at CONjuration was awesome!

If you've not yet had a chance to check out our CONjuration videos, you can find all of them below.  Enjoy!



Draco and the Malfoys

Jonathan French

Hysteria Machines - Persephone Pheonix

Hysteria Machines - Fritz Krieg

John Michael Bond

Ben Herr

KR Morris

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