Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Movie Month - 2014: Final Post

2nd place costume competition
Another October has come and gone, and with it, Halloween has now passed.  If you've been following me for the past few weeks, you know that I've been trying to post a review of a Halloween movie every night for the month of October.  Even though I wasn't actually able to post every night, I did pretty well with posting about every other night for most of the month.  But, as Halloween drew closer and closer, I started finding myself being busier and busier working on costumes, prepping my beard for the beard competition at work, and getting ready for CONjuration Con with New Monster Project.
1st place beard competition

Hagrid at CONjuration Con

I had plans to end out the month with something a little bigger - maybe 5 movies that I give a rating of at least a 4.5.  Two of the movies that I watched and started reviews for were Night of the Living Dead and The Shining.  Along with those two movies, I was also going to review corresponding documentaries.  With Night of the Living Dead was Birth of the Living Dead and with The Shining was Room 237.

I know it is a little late to watch them now to watch them in preparation for Halloween.  But, there is no reason why you can't watch them to help close out the Halloween season on a horror high note before prepping for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Rather than providing a full review right now, let me just say that Night of the Living Dead and The Shining are absolutely must-see!  In fact, I'm going to go ahead and say that they are a buy.  Birth of the Living Dead was incredibly interesting and I highly recommend adding it to your Netflix queue.  Room 237 was interesting, but it was just other people's speculations about The Shining - none of the people involved in the movie were actually a part of the documentary.  Room 237 was interesting enough to see, but I would put it much lower on the queue.  I will post full reviews at a later date (possibly a much later date), but for now, go watch The Shining and Night of the Living Dead!  If you have extra time, watch the corresponding documentaries.

Until next year, I hope you've had an amazing October and enjoyed Halloween Movie Month!!

Be sure to check back soon for more reviews!  In the meantime, leave comments on this (or any other) post, follow me here and on twitter (@GargyleReviews), and let me know what movies you'd like for me to review!

- The Gargyle