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Halloween Movie Month: WolfCop

WolfCop (2014)
not rated
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WolfCop is about a deadbeat, alcoholic cop who is turned into a werewolf who goes up against the forces of evil.  Because, of course he does.

Looking at the cover of WolfCop, and the fact that the name of the freaking movie is WolfCop, I expected things to be absolutely ridiculous and fun all the way through.  With a name like WolfCop, how could there even be a thought of something serious??  When the werewolf cop finally takes on the persona of WolfCop and gets into the action, the movie was a lot of fun to watch!  Unfortunately, it takes about half the movie until it finally gets to a point where I'm having fun.

There were many shortcomings in WolfCop that kept it from being fun right from the start.  Rather than a smart wink and a not to stereotypes of sci-fi, action, supernatural, etc. movies, this feels more like it was written by someone who has never actually seen a movie with the stereotypes they are based on.  There is cursing at weird moments, feeling more like they are throwing it in just to have cursing.  The dialogue is absolutely terrible (that's not really a surprise though).  Any explanation at a plot is so blunt and straightforward without any nuance - it is just lazy writing.  There isn't really any character growth.  There are unexplained character changes, like the uptight brunette who always has her hair up and glasses on who all of a sudden is "cool" with her hair down and glasses off, but no real growth or development.  There were attempts to have twists and surprises, but there were no surprises or big reveals in the actual plot - it was all pretty much what you can guess in the first five minutes.

Of all of these shortcomings, the biggest one was that there was too much time spent on trying to develop a plot, but no real effort to actually develop it well.  A movie like this needs to be just all ridiculous action all the time.  If there is not going to be a well-developed story that makes me care about the characters, then don't slow down the ridiculous action with a pointless story.  They could have easily spent 10 minutes setting up the story and then the next hour with WolfCop doing crazy WolfCop things.

As much as I hated the first half of the movie, the second half was an absolute blast!  The dialogue went from annoyingly inane to enjoyably ridiculous.  The scenes of WolfCop taking out the bad guys did not hold much back or leave much to the imagination.  There is a sex scene while WolfCop is still Wolf..Cop.  The second half of the movie was everything that I expected the entire movie to be.

Rating and Recommendation:  3/5, primarily because of the second half of the movie.  Overall, WolfCop wasn't terrible.  In fact, it was a lot of fun once it got to the fun.  However, any attempt at a story was incredibly weak and the "story" was the biggest thing slowing down the fun.  It needed to either be all ridiculous, or actually well-developed.  The movie itself was just like the main character.  While there is an attempt at a story, it is disappointing and generally a chore to be around.  However, once it changes over to WolfCop, break out the liquor and the donuts, cause it's a party!  Overall, I enjoyed it enough to watch it again.  However, any repeated viewings will start about halfway through, when all of the fun starts.  And that's my recommendation.  Start the movie at 34:35.  That will give you enough explanation as to what has happened and what is going to happen in the movie.  If you just want to watch from when the fun starts, start at 39:46 (right before he changes into WolfCop).

Side note:  There is a store in the movie called "liquor donuts."  Only in Canada...

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