Saturday, October 17, 2015

Campfire stories

Tonight was a pretty great night.  My wife and I got together with a few of our friends from New Monster Network and we sat around a fire, made s'mores, shared stories and laughter, and watched Rocky Horror Picture Show.  The weather today was absolutely amazing and it was a perfect night to sit around a fire and watch a movie with friends.  Rocky Horror Picture Show is practically a Halloween tradition for me and my wife and we always watch it at least once around Halloween.  But, it is definitely a movie that is more enjoyable when watching it with a group of friends.  I included it a few years ago in my list of countdown recommendations for movies to watch in the last few days leading up to Halloween, and I still think that it's a great one for a fun night in preparation for Halloween.  

Even though it is still almost two weeks until Halloween, tonight served as a snapshot of one of the reasons that I love Halloween so much.  Halloween started out as a night to honor the deceased and to celebrate the living.  Halloween has always been about fun and about connecting with others.  Yes, there are scary stories and costumes and candy.  But, when you think back on your favorite Halloweens, I am willing to bet that you always remember who you were with and not what sweets you had or even what costumes you wore.  And tonight, sitting around a fire, talking those who have passed and new lives that have entered our world, all while Tim Curry sings "Sweet Transvestite"...well, it just really captured a great Halloween night (just a couple weeks early).

So, for any of the movies that I have recommended, invite some friends over and watch it together!  Yes, enjoy the movie.  But, more importantly, enjoy the time with friends and family!  If the weather is nice, go outside and make some s'mores over a fire!  And, if you are able, watch a movie out there too.  It will be an enjoyable and memorable night.

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