Saturday, December 31, 2016

CONjuration 2016

Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia...if you grew up reading these books (or any other fantasy book that transports you to magical new worlds), then you would definitely enjoy going to CONjuration Con in Atlanta, GA!!  The primary theme that you will see at CONjuration is Harry Potter, but it is a con for all things magical and there are an abundance of things to do, no matter what fantasy realm your fanhood is in!

This was the third year of CONjuration and my third year of attendance (check out my coverage of year 1 here and here, and year 2 here).  Each year the con has grown and grown (this year, looking at the programming guide was almost overwhelming because of how many options there were!), but without sacrificing its charm or focus on the fans.  Chris and Angela Seckinger (the headmasters of CONjuration) do an amazing job at making everyone there feel like family.  So, a tremendous thanks goes out to Chris and Angela (and everyone else on their team) for their countless hours of hard work throughout the year to put on such an amazing con!!
CONjuration - 2016
There is no way that my coverage of the con will fully show how awesome it is, but hopefully it does justice in at least providing a snippet of how much there was to do and how great everyone there was!  The photos have been uploaded to Facebook as well as Flickr, the podcast is below, and the video is in the works.  So, join me and Adam (as well as interviews from the con with several attendees, vendors, and guests) as we discuss our time at CONjuration and our love of the fantasy genre!

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