Thursday, November 3, 2016

Knoxville Horror Film Fest 8 (part 1)

image by Knoxville Horror Film Fest

Just because another Halloween has come and gone, that does not mean that my horror coverage for Halloween Movie Month is over yet!  While my attempt to watch and review a movie every day of October was unsuccessful (the first part of the month was much busier than expected), the last week of October was packed with horror in my attendance at two horror film fests.  The Knoxville Horror Film Festival 8 (KHFF8) took place on October 21-23 and the Frightening Ass Film Festival 6 (FAFF6) in Chattanooga was on October 29.  Both of these film fests had an amazing lineup and, for me, they more than made up for the fact that I wasn't able to watch a daily horror movie during October!

Since each day was packed with horror shorts and feature length films, I will not be doing individual episodes for each of the films that I saw.  Instead, I will be doing an episode for each day of the film fests that I was able to attend.  First up is day 1 (10/21/16) of KHFF8.  So, join me and my sometimes-associate Clayton as we break down the films that we saw on day 1 of KHFF8.  It was an amazing lineup of short films and feature length films from people who know and love horror!  Special thanks to William Mahaffey and his crew for putting on such an amazing festival!

Clayton and I will be going over the films in-depth, so there are major spoilers for each of the films.  If you'd like a quick rundown of which movies we gave "thumbs up" and which movies we gave "thumbs down" without spoilers, those are listed below (along with the start time of each section, in case there are just certain movies for which you want to avoid spoilers).

Be sure to check back soon for coverage of day 3 of KHFF8 (I unfortunately had to miss day 2) as well as coverage of FAFF6!!  And be sure to subscribe to my podcast on iTunes and/or Google Play for more geek coverage!

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The Call of Charlie
two thumbs up for suburbanite, Lovecraftian horror
(starts at 7:56)

The Stylist
two thumbs up for an amazing performance by Najarra Townsend
(starts at 14:18)

Trash Fire
two Schrodinger's thumbs - the thumbs are simultaneously both up and down, but you won't know which it is for certain until you open the box
(starts at 26:26)

Feeding Time
two thumbs way the hell up for a fun horror short that pays homage to, among other things, House of the Devil (which I personally love)
(starts at 48:20)

When Susurrus Stirs
two thumbs up, Tums down - if you can stomach it, body horror done well with an engaging story
(starts at 58:34)

Phantasm (4K restoration by Bad Robot)
two thumbs up for a late-70s, enigmatic horror classic
(starts at 1:05:08)

Postman Pat's Pet Sematary
one thumb up and one thumb down for a very short, stop-motion claymation paying tribute to a Stephen King classic
(starts at 1:11:30)

Death Metal
two thumbs up for an over-the-top, bloody good time
(starts at 1:15:15)

Bad Blood
one thumb up and one intrigued thumb (Clayton and I had to leave before the screening, but I had been able to see the movie previously at the Chattanooga Film Festival) for awesome, practical creature effects
(starts at 1:20:47)

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