Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Monster Pod ep. 4 - Dead Snow 1 & 2

If you are anything like me and Lucas, you think that there might be an over-saturation of zombies in pop culture right now.  And, unfortunately, many of the zombie movies out there the zombies themselves...lacking brains or heart.  Thankfully, Dead Snow is here to breathe some new life into the genre!  So, join me and Lucas as we tear the movies apart and leave your brains on the floor!

It should be noted that this is more of an in-depth dissection of the films and not necessarily just a "review."  There are major spoilers throughout.  So, if you have not yet seen Dead Snow or Dead Snow:  Red vs. Dead, go watch them first and then come back to get our take on them!

We hope that you enjoy our third episode and that you keep coming back for more.  The Monster Pod - horroring it up since 2015!
image by Sylent-Anpu-Phantom

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