Monday, May 2, 2016

Sci-Fighters (reboot): Marvel vs. DC

A few years ago, I started a podcast (Sci-Fighters) with my friends and collaborators in New Monster Project.  We got a few episodes in, but then life and a few other projects (but mostly, life) got in the way and we went on hiatus for a while.  But, now we are back!!

Photo illustration by Slate. Iron Man and Batman by Marvel and DC Comics
In Sci-Fighters, we will be talking about movies, technology, books, science fiction, fantasy...and pretty much any other aspect of pop-culture that we all loved growing up (and continue to love still)!!  It is part history, part future, part nostalgia, part geekery, an part nerd-rage!

In our return, we take on the (golden) age old question of Marvel vs. DC.  Join me and Ashley (of Life with Fandom) as we talk movies, tv, and cartoons...we even touch on comics for a bit.

If you are a lover of comics, or just starting out, be sure to support your local comic book store during Free Comic Book Day on May 7, 2016!!

Check back soon for more of our rants and ramblings!  In the meantime, catch up on all of our previous episodes at

If you enjoy movies, conventions, comics, games, cartoons, Star Wars, or just about anything sure to check back soon for all things geekery!!  In the meantime, follow me here, on TwitterFacebook, and YouTube.

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