Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Monster Pod ep.2 - Freddy vs. Jared

image by Sylent-Anpu-Phantom

Time for another episode of The Monster Pod!  In tonight's episode, we dive into Nightmare on Elm Street, the impact that Wes Craven has had on horror, and the underlying tones of Nightmare on Elm Street 2.  Also, Lucas goes on a bit of a Subway rant...

Warning:  There is adult language/content in the podcast.  Of course, if you watch a lot of horror movies, you are probably ok with occasional swearing and adult content

The Monster Pod is myself, Lucas (of New Monster Project), and Tim (of Mass Listeria).  Joining us tonight is Daniel (also of Mass Listeria).  We hope that you enjoy our second episode and that we keep you coming back for more!  The Monster Pod - horroring it up since 2015.

Music for The Monster Pod by Bensound

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