Sunday, November 1, 2015


image by Chattanooga Film Fest

This is Halloween!  This is Halloween!  Well, yesterday was, anyway.  After a month of watching and reviewing horror movies, I ended the month on an absolute high note.  My Halloween Movie Month culminated in attending the Frightening Ass Film Festival in Chattanooga, thanks to Daniel Guy and Tim Frady bringing me on board with Mass Listeria.  I saw some really amazing films and got to chat with with creator (Cameron McCasland) of one of the short films (Tailypo).  The Frightening Ass Film Festival was a perfect way for me to start my Halloween!  I was able to see some local short films, an older anthology with everything that made 80s horror so gruesomely fun, and a newer anthology that was about as good as an anthology can get!!  Unfortunately, I was not able to stay for the entire day.  But, I'm ok with that because it meant that I was able to dress up and celebrate Halloween with my amazing wife!

Sabretooth and Batgirl

Another Halloween has come and gone - and with it, another year of Halloween Movie Month.  My reviews from the Frightening Ass Film Fest will be my final reviews to close out this year's Halloween Movie Month, so I will get them posted as soon as possible.  I hope that everyone had an amazing October filled with scary movies and fun with friends.  If you enjoyed any of my reviews for Halloween Movie Month, let me know.  Now that October is over, I will be moving on to other reviews.  So, let me know what movies you'd like to see me review (Halloween, or otherwise).

image by Daniel Guy of Mass Listeria

Thank you again to Daniel Guy and Tim Frady for making me a part of the Mass Listeria Podcast.  Check out their rants and ravings at  Our latest episode is things we love about fall, so it is a perfect transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving.  Ok, maybe not perfect...but at least a fun transition.

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