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Halloween Movie Month: Scary or Die

Scary or Die (2012)
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This is an anthology film of five short stories that are loosely (very loosely) tied together.  The synopsis on IMDB and Netflix (about a man that gets bitten by a flesh-eating clown and then starts transforming into a clown himself) is only one of the five short stories.  While that story certainly wasn't terribly amazing, it was probably my favorite of the five.  I wish that they had just made the entire movie about the clown story.  The second and third stories were decent little short stories, but I think that the clown story could potentially have stood on its own if it had been more fully developed.

The reason that I think that the clown story could have stood on its own is not because of the creepy clown (which, when you do see the guy transformed into the clown, IS pretty creepy), but because of some of the other implications.  To me, the story was more about turning into the monster you fear, losing your family and loved ones, suffering for the ones you love, and being doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Rating/Recommendation:  2/5.  Pass.  While I think that the clown story had glimmers of being a decent story, and some of the other short stories were fine for what they were, the overall film just didn't work for me.  As I have mentioned in previous posts this month, what makes horror movies good is not the gore or the startles, but the implications and the underlying fears that so many people have.  Of course, there are also the horrorible movies that are enjoyable to watch just because they are so ridiculous (e.g. Sharknado).  Scary or Die is one of so many movies that falls short of both categories.  It wasn't profound enough to make you think or to really delve into the depths of the human psyche.  But, except for parts of the clown story, it also wasn't ridiculous enough to enjoy for the sheer idiocy of it all.

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