Monday, November 13, 2017

The Monster Pod - Christmas Horror Week

If you've been following me for the past couple months, you know that I've been watching nightly horror movies since the start of September (well, mostly nightly movies...on the nights that I didn't have time for a movie, I at least watched an episode or two of shows such as Goosebumps and Tales from the Crypt) with themed weeks all leading up to Halloween.  I love Halloween and had an absolute blast watching and discussing horror movies with friends, as well as going to two awesome horror film fests!!

As much as I absolutely love Halloween, I also really love Christmas (for different reasons).  So, with a love of Halloween and Christmas, and with having watched two solid months of horror, 60 Days of Halloween turned into 60+ Days of Halloween and I watched Christmas horror movies to transition from the Halloween season to the Christmas season.

There are some pretty terrible slasher movies out there that just put the killer in a Santa suit (or stories that just so happen to take place around Christmas) and call it a Christmas horror movie.  However, when a Christmas horror movie actually has Christmas as being a central aspect of the horror, I kinda love it!  I've loved every theme that I've done this year and have loved (almost) all of the movies that I've seen for the last two and half months.  But, to me, there is something special about Christmas horror movies.  Maybe it's because I love Christmas and a good Christmas horror movie combines the fun of Halloween with the heart of Christmas.  Maybe it's because I've always loved non-traditional Christmas movies (such as Die Hard and Jurassic World).  Or maybe it's because so many classic Christmas movies (such as Home Alone and A Christmas Carol) have elements of horror.

Whatever the reason, Christmas horror movies can be a LOT of fun when they are done right!  So, join me and Lucas for a special Holiday edition of The Monster Pod as we discuss the movies I watched for Christmas Horror Week (The Nightmare Before Christmas, Krampus, A Christmas Horror Story, Christmas episodes of The Twilight Zone, Santa's Slay, Gremlins, Silent Night Bloody Night, Black Christmas, Jack Frost, and Home Alone), as well as the overall theme of Christmas horror movies!

We hope that you enjoyed our special Holiday episode of The Monster Pod and that you keep coming back for more.
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