Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Monster Pod - Beyond the Gates

"Do you have what it takes to go beyond the gates?!!?"  Wait...what does it even take to go beyond the gates?  I mean, obviously it just takes a vhs board game.  But, it will take much more than that if you are going to make it out alive!!  

On the surface, Beyond the Gates is a fun, indie horror flick about a vhs board game with the amazing Barbara Crampton.  However, if you dig just a little bit deeper, some very realistic psychological horror and some layered depth can be found!! 

As usual, it should be noted that this is more of an in-depth discussion of the film and not necessarily just a "review."  There are some major spoilers throughout the second section of the podcast.  So, if you have not yet seen Beyond the Gates, go watch it first and then come back to get our analysis of it!

We hope that you enjoyed our analysis of Beyond the Gates and that you keep coming back for more.
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