Thursday, May 11, 2017

Prism Pop Up Gallery

The Prism Pop Up Gallery is a one-night art show featuring local artists exhibiting work that is representative of the colors of the rainbow, refracted by prisms (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet).  Prism Pop Up Gallery also included live painting by local artist Susan Creswell and Tony Marz!  There was some amazing art by artist who clearly have a passion for creating!  Huge thanks and kudos to director, Lizi Campbell for putting together such a great show of awesome art!!  And, of course, a tremendous thanks to all of the artists (listed below) for their talent, creativity, and passion for art!!

From the Prism Pop Up Gallery website:
Prism Pop Up Gallery is a one day juried event showing the varieties of color in art! By collecting vibrant and striking pieces from talented artists, the gallery hopes to create an immersive experience for artists and patrons alike. All artwork will be organized by color, such that the patrons experience all of the Roy G. Biv [Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Indigo, Violet] spectrum while viewing the large selection of artist in Chattanooga!

10% of the sale of the tickets goes to Hart Gallery TN, a nonprofit organization that makes art making and selling accessible to the homeless and other nontraditional artist.  Read more about Hart Gallery's non-profit work at

100% of the proceeds of the sale of the art will be paid directly to the artist!

This is an excellent opportunity to engage with the Chattanooga art community and support local artists!

Prism Pop Up Gallery thanks you for your interest in maintaining the creative spirit of Chattanooga. 

Curator/Director: Lizi Campbell
Exhibition Adviser: Aaron Cowan
Logo Designer: Siri Alay
Jury: Janet Bradley, Aaron Cowan,  and Peggy Townsend

Adam Kirby
Amy Dinsmore
Antony Squizzato
Claire Bloomfield
Dana Ortega
Derrick Shaffer
Jullian Walther
Kayla Cloonan
Leah Hoffman
Loren Howard
Mary Hamby
Myles Freeman
Ron Johnson
Sean Clark
Susan Creswell
Tony Marz
Yuri Ozaki

Natasha Romanova - Romanova Art

photography:  Ian Hutchison

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music by Bensound

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