Thursday, September 29, 2016

Chattanooga Film Festival 2016: Bleeding Skull presents - Scary Tales

Bleeding Skull presents:  Scary Tales (1993)
Chattanooga Film Festival 2016

Back at the beginning of April, I was able to go to the Chattanooga Film Festival with Mass Listeria (thanks again, Daniel and Tim, for bringing me on board...puns and all).  For four days, the Majestic Theater in Chattanooga was filled with movie lovers of all shapes and sizes.  Comedy, horror, drama, documentaries, short films, animated films, independent films...the festival had movies for everyone, regardless of tastes.  Over the next several posts, I will be posting my reviews of the movies that I saw there (in the order that I saw them).  Next up - Bleeding Skull presents:  Scary Tales.

I'll be providing the description of the films provided in the Chattanooga Film Festival program and trailers via YouTube, when available.  The descriptions and the trailers of the movies might let you know what they are about, but if you want to know what I thought of them...well, you are just going to have to give the podcast a listen.

The CFF program description for Bleeding Skull presents:  Scary Tales was:  A hooded figure with glowing eyes appears in a dense plume of mist.  He's encircled by silhouetted children who wait for him to read from an ancient tome.  So begins a three-part, shot-on-video horror anthology from 1993, which by all appearances is a period piece that takes place in 1985.  Drunk dads play darts, blaring ponytail rock drowns out middle-aged profanities.  This is followed by demonic possession, bathtub nudity, wide-scale slaughter and a man fighting medieval dwarves.

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