Monday, June 20, 2016

Sci-Fighters: Shared Universes vs. Crossovers

image by coyote117

In tonight's episode of Sci-Fighters, we take on cross-pollinating properties! - specifically, in the forms of shared universes and crossover events.  We discuss the impact that Marvel's cinematic universe has on our movie-going experience, the impending Hasbro cinematic universe, what properties we would like to see in a crossover event, and (not surprisingly) Ashley goes on a bit of a Doctor Who rant!

Sci-Fighters is a podcast where we will be talking about movies, technology, books, science fiction, fantasy...and pretty much any other aspect of pop-culture that we all loved growing up (and continue to love still)!!  It is part history, part future, part nostalgia, part geekery, an part nerd-rage!

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